Austin Powers in Goldmember


Release date: July 26, 2002

Based on: characters created by Mike Myers

Directed by: Jay Roach

Starring: Mike Myers, Beyoncé Knowles, Seth Green, Michael York, Robert Wagner, Mindy Sterling, Verne Troyer, Michael Caine, Tom Lister Jr.

Budget: $63 million

Box office: $296.7 million

To save his kidnapped father, Austin Powers must travel back to 1975 and face Goldmember.

The third film in the series, Austin Powers in Goldmember still attempts to have some fun with the spy film cliches, though it’s not as good as the other two films before it. While neither of its predecessors took themselves seriously and opted to tell zany stories backed up by fitting jokes and gags, this film feels as if it doesn’t care at all except for the third act when attempting to clean up the messes made earlier. The plot goes in so many different directions and attempts to subvert expectations with a number of twists that make little to no sense, even in the context of the series. The jokes and characters are what end up making this film enjoyable.

Goldmember 2.PNG

The film keeps with the tradition of adding in interesting characters such as Goldmember who is a fascinating parody of Goldfinger. He’s an old man with barely any sense and no filter, making almost everything he says hilarious. Additionally, the film gives its audience a character just as weird as Powers in his father, Nigel Powers, giving them a chance to see how Austin became the weird person he is. Scott Evil also finishes a series-wide character arc which is done well. Nevertheless, the characterization isn’t perfect. It chooses to make Knowles’ character Foxxy Cleopatra just as eccentric as Powers, albeit in a different way, leaving him without a good straight man.

The acting is all over the place, too. On one hand, Myers can still be seen having fun with all four characters he’s playing. However, with each one having their own distinct accent and mannerisms, he constantly slips in and out and will use the wrong accent with a certain character. On the other hand, Knowles gives a fantastic performance in what was her theatrical debut. She exudes energy, is able to eat the entire set with just her body language and has an introduction which fits perfectly with her abilities.

It may not be a great film, but it’s still fun to watch and definitely has its moments. Anyone who is a fan of the series will be able to find something to like.



BMI Film & TV Awards

  • BMI Film Music Award

Canadian Comedy Awards

  • Film - Pretty Funny Male Performance (Mike Myers)
  • Film - Pretty Funny Writing

Kids' Choice Awards, USA - Blimp Awards

  • Favorite Movie

MTV Film + Movie Awards

  • Best Comedic Performance (Mike Myers)



Academy of Science Fiction, Fantasy & Horror Films, Saturn Awards

  • Best Costumes

Black Reel Awards

  • Best Breakthrough Performance (Beyoncé)
  • Best Song (For the song "Work It Out")

Empire Awards, UK

  • Best Actor (Mike Myers)
  • Scene of the Year (For the opening scene)

Golden Schmoes Awards

  • Best Comedy of the Year
  • Biggest Disappointment of the Year

Hollywood Makeup Artist and Hair Stylist Guild Awards

  • Best Period Hair Styling - Feature
  • Best Character Hair Styling - Feature (Mike Myers)

Kids' Choice Awards, USA - Blimp Awards

  • Favorite Movie Actor (Mike Myers)
  • Favorite Female Butt Kicker (Beyoncé)
  • Favorite Fart in a Movie (Mike Myers)

MTV Movie + TV Awards

  • Best Villain (Mike Myers)
  • Breakthrough Female Performance (Beyoncé)

MTV Video Music Awards

  • Best Video From a Film (Britney Spears for Britney Spears feat. Pharrell Williams: Boys)

Satellite Awards 

  • Best Costume Design
  • Best Overall DVD
  • Best Original Song (Song: "Work It Out")

Teen Choice Awards

  • Choice Movie Actor - Comedy (Mike Myers)
  • Choice Movie Breakout Star - Female (Beyoncé)