Star Trek VI: The Undiscovered Country


Release Date: Dec. 6, 1991

Based on: Star Trek (television series created by Gene Roddenberry)

Directed by: Nicholas Meyer

Starring: William Shatner, Leonard Nimoy, DeForest Kelley, James Doohan, Walter Koenig, Nichelle Nichols, George Takei, Kim Cattrall, David Warner, Christopher Plummer

Budget: $27 million

Box office: $96.9 million


Captain Kirk is volunteered to escort the Klingon leader to peace talks and becomes part of a sinister conspiracy.

The final film in the series to feature the entire original cast, Star Trek: The Undiscovered Country grapples with heavy ideas, presenting the audience with the possibility of a future where humans and Klingons are able to coexist. The end product is a fantastic film, showing the Federation on the precipice of the future, an undiscovered country where no one knows what lies ahead. Additionally, the film takes its audience on a wild ride, giving them a political thriller full of far-reaching conspiracies, introducing numerous characters whose motives may or may not be benevolent and gives Kirk some interesting character development as well as an ending to an arc that spanned multiple films.

It is this character development which gives Kirk’s story a gratifying conclusion. Not only has he spent years seeing the Klingons as an enemy, but members of the species have personally taken part in causing his feelings of distrust and hatred to grow. Nevertheless, Kirk goes through the film slowly realizing his prejudices are part of what is holding the future back and wonders if someone like him has any place in it. It’s interesting to see his understanding of how him letting go of his grudges is part of what makes peace between the Federation and the Klingons possible.

Likewise, the film’s villains are also quite fascinating. Depicted as clinging to their old ways due to them being frightened of change and the future, there are a number of similarities between them and Kirk. However, their paths diverge when Kirk starts to go through some self-reflection and the conspirators demonstrate their willingness to commit as many war crimes as possible to prevent the peace as well as bring about total war. Further, it’s intriguing to see the steps they take to ensure their plans are carried through and take out anyone who could possibly stand in their way.

This is a great film and was the perfect way to end the original crew’s adventures.



Academy of Science Fiction, Fantasy & Horror Films Saturn Awards

  • Best Science Fiction Film
  • Best DVD Collection (As part of the "Star Trek: Original Motion Picture Collection.")



Academy Awards

  • Best Effects, Sound Effects Editing
  • Best Makeup

Academy of Science Fiction, Fantasy & Horror Films Saturn Awards

  • Best Supporting Actress (Kim Cattrall)
  • Best Writing
  • Best Costumes
  • Best Make-Up

Hugo Awards

  • Best Dramatic Presentation